An Epic Three Methods On How To Avoid Becoming The Link Butcher That Nearly Every Site Becomes

Link building is a skill. We’re not in a casino, there is no luck involved. Playing a guessing game can lead to your site not getting the attention and growth that it deserves!


Links from authoritative and topically relevant domains are exactly what your site needs to rank and drive organic search traffic.


This is a fundamental part of a solid link strategy. Let’s dive into the details of three methods on how to avoid messing up links:



1) Treat every guest post like one of your site’s pages



Keyword research



First things first. Keyword research is absolutely fundamental to success. Ranking for keywords can be difficult but you can make it easier for yourself by using a tool such as Ahrefs to conduct your research.


Select keywords by starting with a few seed keywords. These are broader topics within your niche.


Find helpful keywords that cover your topic and begin narrowing down to keywords that have a decent search volume of around 500 – 1000 monthly searches and have a low keyword difficulty.


Look at the SERP of the keywords that you would like to use for the blog post. Analyse whether you have a chance to rank by looking at the domain rating of the top-ranking search results.


Analyse how many links the top pages have and use all of this info to determine how difficult it will be to rank. The higher the domain rating and the number of links, the more challenging it will be.



Optimize the content



Using a tool for optimization is essential to get the SEO value that you need to rank. Use a tool such as Surfer or Clearscope to take your content to the next level.


The basic functionality of the tool is to use the given keyword for a blog post and analyse it to ensure you get the best website content possible.


What you get out of the tools is actionable information regarding the word count to be used, the type of content that should be written, readability score, SEO score, and a suggestion of headings to use.


This serves as a guide to help you to hit all of the important points leading to quality content that drives search traffic and rankings.


Building links using high-quality content is a major traffic driver! Place text links that are natural and relevant to the content and just like magic, you have a winning formula.



Adding internal links



Oftentimes internal links are poorly added and almost left as an afterthought. If you want to create topical relevance and strong authority in a niche then pay attention to these links!


Links work in a way that they share ‘link juice‘, no not actual juice to all the excited juice lovers out there, but think of it like sharing electricity.


For example: If you only have electricity pointing to one room then that room is the only one with any power. If you connected one external power source for electricity to a room and then internally linked that power to other rooms, many rooms have power.


Links work the same way. Use external links that point to a page and in the content on that page use anchor text to point to another relevant page that shares some of the link equity.


This practice of internal linking to relevant pages helps increase the domain authority and topical relevance. Another benefit is that you encourage readers/customers to stay on the website which leads to more engagement and possibly more business!



2) Entity Match



Make sure the entities on your guest post page match the target page that you’re linking to. Think about it, how does google understand your page’s content? Entities…


How do search engines bridge the gap between one page and another? By comparing entities…


So even though your guest post title might sound topically relevant, if the page doesn’t share the same entities why would Google give it weight? Why should that page pass value?


I hope you’re following because no one is talking about this yet. How many of your guest posts are actually providing value? I mean really providing something that a reader will walk away with and possibly use or implement.


Check out Text Razor. Crawl the page of your target page on Text Razor.


Make a list of all the entities on this page and ensure your new guest post content includes a high number of these entities.


This helps topical relevance and indicates to search engines that the info the page is linking to, has value. 



3) Always ask “what value is this link bringing to the reader?”



When a reader is engaging with your content they need to be persuaded that this is the best use of their time and that they are going to get something of value.


The bullseye is invoking thought or creating a budding piece of content to educate readers. Short concise sentences with impact and meaning are the best way to keep attention.


Resources, tools, templates, and original data are the kinds of content that actually make sense to link to. The value is found in what a reader will be able to take away.


Always check to see if you meet the bar when it comes to value. Ask yourself whether you would genuinely read the content that you have created?


Does it answer the search query and satisfy search intent? Does it provide insight, and value, and leave the reader with something new?


Your link is the lifeline to organic traffic, remember there is no reason for the link in the first place if you cannot justify the underlying value.



The roundup



There are many facets of link-building to look at and so much that can be tweaked. My advice is to cut out the noise and follow the signals.


If you focus on the basics of relevance, authority, and quality I have no doubt that you will maintain a healthy link profile.


A last piece of advice to take with you is to disavow any bad links from low-quality sites and try to get broken links fixed (only if they are from a quality domain).


This can be an extremely cheap and effective way of cleaning up your backlink profile.



By Chris Vlok

Hi, I'm Chris. Your resident blogger and SEO nutcase. It's my responsibility to bring you top-quality content sprinkled with a little humour and advice.

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