What Are Niche Edits?

Niche edits are one of the easiest ways to increase your site rankings. This practice, which should rightfully be incorporated into every strategy for SEO, involves inserting backlinks into pre-existing and highly authoritative articles that lead browsers back to your webpage. 


Successfully planted niche edits can boost your site’s awareness, increase traffic, grant your web page domain authority (DA), and encourage better conversions to take place. 


Niche edits are sometimes referred to as curated links, broken link building, contextual backlinks, and even link begging, amongst other things. 


They have existed as an SEO-boosting method for a while, but have recently come into greater prominence. 


Just like other backlink-building tactics, such as guest posting, niche edits require careful thought and planning; a haphazard distribution of niche edits could be counterproductive to your link-building cause, resulting in reduced DA, rankings, and organic traffic. 


So, how can you get niche edits right?


This article will explore the benefits of niche edits, pitfalls to avoid, and how Link City can help you with the process. 



How Do Niche Edits Work?



Niche edits are simply edits made to an already completed piece of work. As the term implies, they are generally small sentences added to a bigger body of work, which features a hyperlink that leads browsers to your relevant content. 



How to select an article to niche edit  



Niche edits can be secured by selecting articles that are as closely matched to your content, product, or service. 


You then need to reach out to the company or the original writer of the content and request to edit the article.


Applications such as Ahrefs and Moz can be used to find established content that is closely linked to your own, as well as to judge the metric value of each website. 


They can also be used to establish who your competitor’s referring domains are. 


These domains may be more likely to grant you niche edit spots, given that they have already done so for similar websites to yours. 


To gain the most SEO and Domain Authority from a niche edit, you should make sure that the article is indexed and gains a steady flow of organic traffic, which you can determine using Ahrefs. 



How to request a niche edit 



To successfully request a niche edit, you need to have a convincing pitch lined up. 


In this pitch, the value of the niche edit you hope to add, how it can update the web page in question, and the quality of the service or product you provide needs to be conveyed. 


To identify areas of content that require niche editing, find information gaps in the original content – areas that you believe could be enhanced by hyperlinks that lead to your web pages. 


Ensuring that your selected backlinking pages are contextual to the original content is a must – you want to provide a service to the original writer by broadening the original content’s scope on the subject. 


The anchor text and URL inserted must also appear natural to the content. 


When requesting a niche edit, be prepared to show the webmaster the backlinks you wish to add and explain why you think it would fit. 



Who benefits from niche edits? 



Everyone involved benefits from niche edits – your website, the reader, and the webmaster of the original content. 


As much as niche edits are about gaining your own domain authority, you are not the only one benefiting from the practice. 


Niche edits endow the content owner with valuable additions to their copy, while also providing greater topic depth for the reader. 


As long as the content you are backlinking to is relevant, informative, and up-to-date, you are providing a service for the original writer through niche editing. 


Although the original article is older and has established domain authority, content goes out of date and therefore needs updating occasionally. 


By niche editing an article, you are updating the article for them, which is a huge plus for the webmaster. 


This creates a better and more relevant reading experience for future visitors to the original page. 



How fast do niche edits work?



Relative to the likes of writing a guest post or any other form of content creation, the organisational side of creating niche edits can be completed quickly. 


Particularly so when you hire a professional link-building agency to carry out the selection and requesting process for you. 


Additionally, the writing approval process is a lot faster, as it takes minutes for the webmaster to read over and approve your edit work. 


In terms of how long it takes niche edits to work after that, results depend on the topic, the Domain Authority of the page you are backlinking from, as well as how you measure SEO success. 


However, given that the pages you are making niche edits to already have DA and a steady stream of organic traffic, you will likely see results from the campaign trickling through within days. 



Benefits of Niche Edits



When used in conjunction with other SEO backlink-building tactics, niche edits can produce fruitful results. 


This study by Gotch SEO Academy found that based on a study of 34 URLs, each URL being connected to at least 3 niche edits, 70% produced results in the form of increased organic traffic or improvements in keyword ranking. 


This would suggest that the majority of niche edits if carried out using white hat techniques, can produce numerous benefits to your site. 


Other benefits of niche edits include: 






Niche edits made to a webpage with high website authority is one of the safer link-building options available. 


Sites with high DA can be generally trusted as long as you stick to white hat methods of niche edit execution.


White hat entails reaching out to webmasters and requesting to niche edit one of their pages, without the involvement of payment or black hat approaches


To ensure safety when niche editing, refer to the Google Link Schemes



Great for difficult pages



If you’re trying to build organic traffic to what is considered to be difficult pages – i.e., service pages, product pages, dry content pages – niche edits present ways to cleverly link to them. 


Through niche edits, you can explain these landing pages and highlight the importance of the product, service, or content found therein. 


As long as the anchor text and page linked are topically relevant, you can create a strong niche edit to the driest of pages.



Powerful ranking tool 



Landing niche edits with pages close to the top SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) can be your most powerful website ranking tool. 


This is because all of the hard work – such as building website authority and gaining an audience – has already been done for you. 


Not only will you gain all of the link juice benefits from backlinking from such websites, but you will also gain them almost instantaneously. 






Niche edits are not rentals: they can stay on a webpage permanently. 


This means that you can gain long-term benefits from this method of link building, particularly if the webpage you are editing increases in webpage authority over time. 



Are Niche Edits Better than Guest Posts?



You’ll often hear guest posts mentioned within the same breath as niche edits, and there are some similarities when it comes to function. 


They both involve contributing to another webmaster’s website to benefit your own DA and organic traffic


They also both benefit the website they are contributing to, by updating and adding to its content. 


Although both are useful to a successful SEO campaign – a mix of several different link-building strategies is recommended – there are benefits that put niche edits a cut above their competitor SEO link-building strategies.


These include: 



It’s easier to get a niche edit



Generally, the higher the authority of a website, the less likely the webmaster is going to grant a company a guest post. 


Niche edits have a far higher request success rate, hence their recent growth in link-building popularity. 


Given the benefits that niche edits bring the webmaster of the original article, a content owner is far more likely to grant you a niche edit than a guest post. 


They’d rather see an old but still successful webpage get modernised than support a completely new webpage from scratch. 


From their point of view, there’s only so much risk involved by granting a niche edit spot to an otherwise unknown writer, as opposed to giving them an entire page. 


However, you may find it difficult to secure a niche edit from a high-ranking site without the assistance of a link-building agency, such as Link City



Niche edits work faster than guest posts 



Although guest posts give you greater authority over the overall content of the page, you have to wait for the page to gain momentum after publishing it. It may also take an age for the Google crawl process to index the article. 


Whereas with niche edits, the webpage you are contributing to is already established and visited frequently, so little wait time is required for the page to show results. 


The Google crawl process has already taken place, as has the indexing process. 



Niche edits take less effort than guest posts 



When writing a guest post, you need to bring relevancy and authority to an entire article; whereas, with niche edits, you only need to provide a few short sentences to an article that already has topical authority. 


Considering the amount of effort that needs to go into planning and writing a full guest post, it’s safe to say that niche edits require a lot less to create. 


Although, they are difficult to scale, especially if you don’t hire a niche edit provider team to assist you. 



What are the Main Pitfalls of Niche Edits?



As with any link-building strategy, there are several niche edit pitfalls that are important to keep an eye on. They include: 



Using only niche edits 



Niche edits are intrinsic to any successful SEO strategy, but becoming reliant on them will likely do your domain more harm than good. 


Just as variety is the spice of life, diversity is key to a successful link-building campaign. 


There need to be guest posts and other link-building approaches involved in your campaign, so as to give it the semblance of coming about organically – the more even and spread out the better. 


A niche edit-heavy campaign will likely get red-flagged by the Google bots as being suspect. Anything that appears to be overly contrived will fail to gain site rankings. 


Although nothing about active link-building strategies is organic, they must appear to be naturally formed for Google to rank and grant the page Domain Authority. 


Masking your campaign takes skill and patience, but has a great payoff of getting your site closer to SERP.



You don’t have full control over the content 



One drawback of niche edits is that you have no control over the overall content of the page you are editing. You cannot alter the premise or the main ideas behind the content or add your keywords to the title.


This is where guest posts are sometimes considered to be more beneficial, as you get to write the content from scratch, which allows you to make it far more direct and relevant to your service or product. 



White Hat Niche Edits



White hat niche edit approaches are credible and in line with Google link schemes; they pose minimum risk to your website authority because they are undertaken ethically. 


White hat niche edits are what should be expected from a professional link-building agency. 


They should take on a traditional blogger outreach approach by contacting webmasters directly to request niche edits, without proposing to buy them. 



Can you buy niche edits? 



Offering to buy niche edits from a webmaster is not considered to be a white hat approach. 


It is sometimes referred to as grey hat niche editing and can have repercussions on your DA and site ranking if found out by Google. 



Are niche edits safe? 



Niche edits are safe if you entrust a professional link-building agency to carry out the process of securing them. 


As long as they employ white hat niche edit techniques, you should have nothing to worry about on the safety side of things. 



Black Hat Niche Edits



Low-quality link-building services will adopt black hat niche edit approaches to cut corners. 


The main types of black niche edit approaches that you’ll likely see today are hacking web pages and forcibly niche editing the page or performing niche edits on already hacked web pages. 



Are niche edits hacked? 



Niche edits have garnered somewhat of a negative image in the SEO community due to the number of edits that have been planted into hacked domains. 


This practice can not only be detrimental to the hacked site, but also to the linked web pages. 


Google may blacklist you permanently from its site ranking index for committing or being involved in black hat niche edits. Black hat niche edits can also embroil you in legal trouble. 


To keep your niche edits legal, hire a professional link-building provider, such as Link City, to avoid unethical practices. 



Niche Edit Services Provided by Link City



Link City offers several different niche edit link-building services. Each package promises 100% genuine outreach and secure niche edits on real websites with real traffic. 


Every niche edit attained will be contextual, high-powered, and relevant. 


Additionally, the sites secured by Link City will each have over 100 organic visitors per day. 


Niche edits on sites that boast a Domain Rating of 30 or above.


The mid-range package promises to secure niche edits on sites with a Domain Rating of 45+. 


Lastly, the newest addition to Link City’s offerings guarantees niche edits on sites with a Domain Rating of 60 and above. 






Niche edits are a fast-acting method of boosting your organic traffic and website authority and should be considered to be a fundamental part of all SEO and backlinking campaigns carried out today. 


With the assistance of a professional link-building agency, you can circumvent the common pitfalls of niche edits – using too many niche edits, falling for black hat niche edit strategies, etc. – and create successful and ethical edits that grant long-term benefits. 



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